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Galaxy International FZC Most Trusted Name For Coating Raw Materials Most Trusted Name For Coating Raw Materials

About Us
About Us
Galaxy's unique company culture is centered on providing the best customer relationship in the world and empowering them to excel in their respective segments. At Galaxy we have nurtured this culture carefully and we are deeply gratified by the way our principals and customers have appreciated our role. This has intensified our responsibilities for not only keeping the trend but to work hard and excel in these areas.

The important part of our organization is to conduct our business with the highest regard for integrity and business ethics. As we have grown we have formalized aspects of our company operations. We believe it is equally important for us to formalize our expectations regarding business integrity and ethics and our "Galaxy Code of Ethics" will serve this purpose very well.

Galaxy International FZC was incorporated with effect from January 2003, in United Arab Emirates, having its registered office situated at Sharjah Airport Free Zone. Our objective of starting Galaxy International (FZC) in the Middle East is to provide effective support to our vast customer base in the region.

Galaxy International deals with raw material required for Paints and Printing Ink Manufacturing Company. (Refer our Product category for further details).

Having secured long-standing business relationship with our overseas principles, we can only say to our customers that: “GET WHAT YOU DESIRE”

Our customer satisfaction commitments are made taking into consideration the following so called “FOUR PILLARS OF BUSINESS”


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